Back to the future

Everyone knows that TV shows and films are rife with product placement and opportunities for big names to make the most of the advertising platform.  From James Bond to American Idol, the use of product placement has been no secret and as you stare at the TV, the product stares right back at you.

This has been an ongoing process but where exactly can this go?  Will one day simon Cowell be wearing a Coke t-shirt? Somehow I think not.  Instead, product placement has evolved into something that nobody was expecting.  Now companies are seeking advertising space in old TV shows.  How I Met Your Mother has been at the forefront of this, recently advertising the new film The Zookeeper in old re-runs of the show.

Perhaps the genius of this is that because they are so out of place, our attention is dragged to the promotion.  For example, If you were watching That 70’s Show and saw a poster in the background for the latest X-Men film, you would be thinking about that advert far more than if you had seen under the same circumstances but in a more current TV show.  The lack of belonging gets attention in a highly effective way without having to be too in your face.  Even better is the absolute subtlety of it all. For example the picture above isn’t bright orange or enlarged and in your face, but you wouldnt miss it.  Then you begin thinking about how it’s out of place, then you may even start looking for more like this…and yes they do this trick more than once.

Before you know it you are actively looking for the adverts which means the advertising company is getting far more of your attention on their product that other forms of product placement and even most forms of direct advertising.  Will this set a precedent for other TVshows to follow? Who knows but this clever ploy will have you queuing up for the zoo keeper in no time.